LiveCam – Fullscreen Monitor

LiveCam is built for a single purpose: to stream your iPhone camera fullscreen to an AirPlay or wired external display without any distracting elements. Your audience sees only what you want them to see, a fullscreen camera view, without any additional controls or interface (buttons, status bar, swipe bar, etc.). It’s perfect for live events and classroom settings: projecting to large displays for easier viewing and enabling closeups on smaller objects that might not be visible at a distance.


  • 16:9 external display output (no letterboxing), with a proper aspect ratio preview on your iPhone screen (including X models)
  • While streaming to an external display, document your events by recording HD video (with audio) or capturing high resolution photos
  • Pinch to zoom, including up to 2x optical zoom on iPhone X and Plus models
  • Tap on viewfinder display to fix focus and exposure point
  • Works with both rear and front-facing cameras
  • Both landscape and portrait orientations supported
  • Supports wired display connections via Lightning to HDMI or VGA adapters

To use with an external display, you can activate Screen Mirroring before or after starting the app, using Control Center:

Open Control Center by swiping down from the upper right of the display and enable Screen Mirroring to your target display.

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