iOS apps for creating, teaching, and learning.

We have developed custom iOS apps for creative STEAM education programs to enhance teaching and learning.

The following apps are available in the iOS App Store, and most are free downloads.

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Virtual Chorister

Follow a guide video and record your virtual choir performance with a single device!


InterestPoint allows users to capture audio snippets of presentations and add basic annotations to the recordings. By capturing the previous 10 seconds of audio, you will be able to capture that key point or funny anecdote from a speaker without having to try and remember it all as you take a hastily scribbled note. You…


AudioWorks is an interactive, educational tool for sound analysis and intuitive visual manipulation of sound effects. Developed for Drexel University’s Summer Music Technology (SMT) program, AudioWorks gives users visual representations of sounds picked up by the iPad’s internal microphone or line input. These visuals help users identify what makes different sounds and musical instruments unique…